Frequently Asked Questions

Mike Porter-Ward and his tractor
Mike Porter-Ward and his tractor

Does Mike always wear shades and arrive at venues on a tractor?

No, if parking space is tight he often brings a regular car. However, he still likes to wear shades because he thinks that it makes him look cool – which I think it does. 😉

What if the venue doesn’t have a piano?

In situations like this Mike’s pianist can bring a digital piano which can even be used outside. Digital pianos are ideal when playing for events if music is required in more than one location. They can usually be relocated and set up in less than twenty minutes.

What Happens When You Take A Break?

Mike can provide music during breaks. A CD player or MP3 player can usually be plugged into the PA system.

Do you need some sort of cover if you are playing outside?

Protection from the elements is vital. The heat from the sun can be very harmful to electronic equipment and a sudden downpour could be disastrous. A gazebo can usually be provided for outside protection and is more than adequate for most situations.

So How Much Will It Cost?

Prices are from £460 for a duo (piano and bass) depending on distance to venue and time scale. Please contact him for a quote for your individual requirements.

Can I hear Mike play live?

Throughout the year Mike does a reasonable amount of public events. The bulk of the work that he does, however, consists of weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Public events will always be advertised on this site here.

What about Public Liability Insurance

Yes, Mike does have public liability insurance, but we do take precautions to try and make sure that accidents don’t happen.

Could we ask, in the interest of safety, that all children are kept out of the performance area. Also, they do like to twiddle knobs and press buttons which can make things very difficult during a performance.

Is your electrical equipment PAT Tested for safety?

Yes all Mike’s equipment has been tested by a qualified electrical engineer.

Mike tries to make sure that all equipment is safe, but once again, could you please do your part by keeping children away from the electrical items in the performance area.