Wedding Services

Wedding Services  

Mike Porter-Ward can provide wedding music or a wedding band in Sussex, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Suffolk, Berkshire, London, Hertfordshire, London and other areas of the UK

Your Special Day…

Mike Porter-Ward can take some of the pressure out of your big day. He has become something of an expert at providing entertainment for weddings and can make sure that your day runs smoothly.

Music can be provided for any part or parts of your wedding day. Mike can provide or organise music for your ceremony, the drinks reception, the wedding breakfast and/or your evening reception. The part that most people worry about the most is the ceremony. Help is always at hand for this part as his main pianist Eugene Portman can help, advise and play for this very important part of your big day.

Wedding Music for the Ceremony

Quite a lot of people prefer solo piano for the ceremony and this can be provided by Eugene Portman. He can play classical music or music of a lighter vein. Eugene has played for hundreds of ceremonies and can make sure that yours goes smoothly.

As far as the choice of specific pieces of music is concerned, the only parts of the wedding that you really have to think about is the wedding ceremony and maybe the first dance (usually at the beginning of the evening reception).

Click HERE for the ceremony music page.

Drinks Reception

Mike and his jazz band are frequently booked for this part of the proceedings. Music of a more lively nature seems to suit this part of the day.

The Wedding Breakfast

Live music for the wedding breakfast has now become very popular. Piano and bass suits this part of the day really well. One of the most important things to be aware of is whether the music is interfering with the conversation of the wedding guests: if it is, then there’s something wrong. Both Mike and Eugene are sensititve to whats going on around them and their music never intrudes.

For most weddings you need the music to carry on right up to the speeches and that’s where it finishes until the evening reception.

The Evening Reception

Trying to please everyone with the choice of music can be difficult. if you are looking for something a little different from the regular disco then a jazz or swing band can make a refreshing change. If you are definitely going to go for a disco why not break things up a bit and have Mike and his band play some of the great jazz standards for the early part of the evening and then have the disco later.

The first dance is usually during the beginning of the evening reception and most people prefer live music for this section.

Mike can provide music for any or all parts of the day’s proceedings. He can also provide backgound music, from a CD player, during breaks. Mike Porter-Ward can provide the perfect solution for all the entertainment on your wedding day.

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